EUR/USD bulls lose grip of the 1.1800 level ahead of Presidential Debate NEWS | 7 minutes ago | By Ross J Burland

  • EUR/USD is dropping below crucial support as the dollar rallies ahead of the Presidential Debate.
  • It is expected to be a heated debate and could offer markets participants volatility. 

EUR/USD has dropped in Tokyo as the US dollar climbs across the board ahead of the Presidential Debate.
The DXY is up 0.16% and on the 93 level after printing a high of 93.12 from a 92.92 low.

Subsequently, the euro has traded between a low of 1.1786 and 1.1823.

The show is about to start and it is expected to be a heated debate.

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced on Monday that they will mute each candidates’ microphone for two minutes during the initial response to six of the debate topics.

Trump is renowned for interrupting and taking control for which the rules now are that each candidate speaks uninterrupted, but 15 minutes of open discussion will follow without any muting, according to the commission.

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