Confirmed: Victoria reports 439 coronavirus cases NEWS | 13 minutes ago | By Ross J Burland

The prior head’s up, Australian new coronavirus cases, Victoria said to have 439 cases added today, has been confirmed with Victoria reporting 439 new coronavirus cases.

As the Guardian writes, 

Daniel Andrews confirms the 439 new cases of covid and says 11 people who had been diagnosed with virus died in the last 24 hours.

  •  One man in his 70s. One man and three women in their 80s.
  • Two men and three women in their 90s. And one woman who was in her hundreds.
  • All of those tragedies, all of those fatalities are connected to aged care settings.

More broadly, on that front, there are 1,186 active cases in aged care. That remains a very challenging setting for us and one that we’re working incredibly closely with the Commonwealth Government, with the private sector, public hospitals, private hospitals, literally hundreds and-ups of shifts that have been picked up by nurses out of our hospital system, a large team of people working together to provide the best care to those residents and get them what they need when they need it,

NSW has also released this update:

There were 12,876 tests reported in the 24-hour reporting period, compared with 18,823 in the previous 24 hours.

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